JFK Ibiza

Learn more about who we are, our mission, and what music we love to play

The reason for our success?

We speak a common language… The global language of music.

It’s our ‘Back-to-Back’ format of great music variety in the Jazzy, Funk and Soul genre, that sets JFK Ibiza apart from other radio stations. If you enjoy listening to music, without the interruptions of DJ’s, announcements, competitions, phone-ins and endless commercial messages, you’ll love JFK Ibiza: playing the refreshing sounds from Ibiza, 24 hours a day.

JFK Ibiza: The refreshing sounds from Ibiza. Playing Pop, Soul, Lounge and Jazzy Beats. Listen to JFK Ibiza on your mobile phone, smart devices or PC/Mac. JFK Ibiza is as inspiring, original and pure as the Island of Ibiza itself. For those who approach life consciously.

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